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CoCalc - Course licenses

You teach a course on CoCalc by creating one project for each student, sending your students assignments and handouts, then guiding their progress using collaboration and chat. You can then collect, grade, comment on, and return their work.
You will need to purchase an appropriate license for your course, or have the students pay the one-time $14 fee, since CoCalc is not funded by advertisers or other intrusive methods.

How to get started?

Minimal upgrades might be okay for beginner courses, but we find that many data and computational science courses run better with additional RAM and CPU. Contact us if you have questions or need a trial license to test out different possibilities.
Once you obtain a license key, apply it to all your student projects.
You can acquire several licenses, e.g., to partition a semester into smaller parts with different requirements, or to keep upgrades separate between certain groups of courses or instructors.

Payment options

  • You or your institution pays for one or more license upgrades. You distribute the license upgrades to all projects of the course via the course configuration tab of the course management interface.
  • Students pay a one-time fee. In the configuration frame of the course management file, you opt to require all students to pay a one-time $14 fee to upgrade their own projects.


Here are three typical configurations, which you can modify and purchase here. All parameters can be adjusted to fit your needs. Listed upgrades are for each project. Exact prices may vary. Only self-service online purchases are available below $100.
5 Day Professional Training
1 Teacher
10 Students
5 days Duration
2h Idle timeout
5 G Shared RAM
1 core Shared CPU
5 G Disk space

10 students for 30 days
1 Teacher
10 Students
30 days Duration
30min Idle timeout
2 G Shared RAM
1 core Shared CPU
3 G Disk space
40% Academic discount

($65.26 via purchase order)
150 Students for 4 Months
1 Teacher
150 Students
120 days Duration
30min Idle timeout
2 G Shared RAM
1 core Shared CPU
3 G Disk space
40% Academic discount

($3,583.60 via purchase order)
Listed prices are in US dollars. When charging in local currency, the prices are converted into local currency using the conversion rates published by leading financial institutions.

Contact us

To learn more about your teaching options, email us at [email protected] with a description of your specific requirements.